Consumer Action and the Royal Commission

Consumer Action has made two submissions to the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry. The experiences of the people we help through our advice lines and casework inform our submissions—their stories demonstrate the problems in the finance sector and help us identify solutions. Our submissions are available to read or download here:

Consumer Action is not able to advise or represent your clients for the purposes of the Royal Commission.

However, the Royal Commission is now receiving public submissions directly from individuals over the coming months.  If your client would like to make a complaint to the Royal Commission, we recommend filing their submission using the form which is linked within the information page regarding public submissions which can be found here:

Australian Unions has also set up an online site for people to share their complaints.  You can access it here:

You can however contact our Worker Advice services as per normal over this period. Find out more about our Worker Advice line here.

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