A ‘debt collector‘ is any business that is asking you to pay a debt. This includes:

  • A business that you owe money to directly, such as a bank or other lender (the ‘creditor’).
  • A business that acts on behalf of the creditor.
  • A business to which the original creditor has sold (‘assigned’) the debt. Such businesses are often called ‘assignees’ of the debt. The assignment of debt often happens in the case of old, unpaid debts that have been written off by the original creditor.

It’s stressful when a debt collector calls, or you get a letter asking for money. Sometimes the phone calls and letters make you feel like you have to respond right away, but you have the right to take your time, and decide which response is best for you.

What can I do when a debt collector calls?

A debt collector won’t leave me alone – what can I do?